Wake Up Feral

by Weaponex

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In the process of working on our second EP, we had the opportunity to work with our resident brootality expert, Colin Winkelman again. This time, on a song that Mike had recorded as a studio - only track and shelved a few years ago.

"We had all the parts tracked and written, I just wasn't sure of the direction I wanted to take vocally yet", says Willard. "This track was also an experimentation of editing that I'd been meaning to try since first hearing the band, Within The Ruins. There was a hyper-edited aesthetic that made their music sound like musical laser beams to me, and I wanted to give that production technique a go. We got the opportunity to work with Colin again and threw some of his signature brutal screams over the top, and voila! - Wake Up Feral!"


Wake Up Feral Lyrics

Compos mentis and no longer tame
I see the world in a different vein
A product of a selective breed
I wander. Lost I feel, not. Follow my destiny
Unnatural, familiar - I lust to explore and plunder

It’s where you go - it’s where you’ve always gone
It’s where you draw the line of your convictions
You escaped from captivity
That’s why you won’t - you won’t ever grow
You stagnate by changing your position
Domestication is key

Structure, an ideal of the past
A déjà vu I do not understand
Untied, I’m free to roam this land
To invade, to claim what is mine
Dependent, I will no longer be

The future, the need to spread my seed
Self-preservation matters most to me
Declined, are your dynamics
Marginalize the pool that I pollute
Discord is the key to my freedom

Wake up feral


released March 4, 2016
Guitars, Bass, Midi, Drum Programming - Mike Willard
Vocals - Colin Winkelman
Mixed and mastered by Mike Willard



all rights reserved


Weaponex Buffalo, New York

We Like prog...We like shred...We like a little bit of everything else too...We figured, why not play whatever the hell we want to play?

Well, we're 4 guys again. 3 of us are also in ARMCANNON. We enjoy all-original progressive music and decided to give it a whirl while we're still young, alive and have the time.
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