Solar Winds

by Weaponex

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Our first NEW track in a while. Our sound has evolved a bit since the Nuclear Winter EP and we hope that we're keeping the Weaponex mantra true to form - We'll play whatever the hell we feel like playing if we think it's good, and gotdangit', we think this is pretty good.

This track was originally written as a 3-piece and we evolved it once we had a second guitarist to fill out the sound. There is definately an eclectic collection of parts that we feel transition pretty well to form a cool multi-genre musical journey through space and time - A MELODYSSEY if you will...


NOTE - These lyrics were inspired by the Star Trek TNG episode - "Relics".

Loneliness, the danger that I was taught to fear.
Floating through this vacuum for days and weeks and years, since I was left behind
I check on all the guages, inspect the power cells
This ship has seen the ages, nearly gone to hell.
I live on borrowed time.
Supplies were gone a year ago and fuel is running low
The cruelest part, the SOLAR WINDS that keep this thing in motion, and going the wrong way...

Plasma, it carries me away.
Helpless, I sit and ride the wave
Hopeless, Ending


There it is I knew I saw a signal!
A blinking dot that would not go away
I'm not insane, Il stake my claim, I know what I see!
Clearly there's a ship in need!

Solar Winds
carried on...
Solar Winds
carried on...
Solar Winds
carried on...
Solar Winds


Like lambs to the slaughter,
flowing like water.
Ride on the winds in true cosmic order.
Turned into a star become the aurora
Straight to the sun I race to be one with SOLAR WINDS

My time had passed some years ago
I'm just a relic now.
There may have been a rescue but Im dead anyhow
Decades have passed me by

Hope-Less, End-ing
I might as well have, May as well have died....


released July 1, 2014
All guitars, bass, midi engineered by Weaponex
Drums engineered by Nick Borgosz (World of Noise Studios)
Mixed and mastered by Nick Borgosz (World of Noise Studios)
Special thanks to Colin Winkelman on the beastly screams!



all rights reserved


Weaponex Buffalo, New York

We Like prog...We like shred...We like a little bit of everything else too...We figured, why not play whatever the hell we want to play?

Well, we're 4 guys again. 3 of us are also in ARMCANNON. We enjoy all-original progressive music and decided to give it a whirl while we're still young, alive and have the time.
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